7th Grade Section
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Ordering Car Parts

Apple PieYou are ordering some auto parts for your car. Let us assume that the Ohio sales tax is five percent.

When you are done ordering parts, we'll look at our bill and figure out the tax, among other things.

Please press the TAB key after entering a quantity.

Windsheld Wiper Blades (12.95) 
Turn Signal Bulb (3.45) 
Air Filter (17.95) 
Battery (63.25) 
Wheel Cover (12.55) 
Oil Filter (5.65) 


  • If 50% of the cost of your order actually is the price the seller paid to obtain the part from a manufacturer, what is the gross profit on this order? (Type just a number, without any dollar sign.)     

  • If the shipping is 10% (ten percent) based on the total before tax, how much is your shipping cost?     

  • Please figure out the five percent tax and enter it here:     

  • What if the shipping is 15% of the order?     

If you are interested, see this page for the Ohio sales tax rate.

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